Strange scam in a casino in the Dominican Republic

On we enjoy telling you pretty stories of big jackpot winners, or always revealing more about the projects in progress which make or will make the happiness of the players that you are. But we also aim to inform you sometimes of what is not right, just to protect you from certain dangers, and even as for today from certain pitfalls to avoid.

A questionable casino in the Dominican Republic

Life is not always rosy for players, and this little story of a Canadian couple getting ripped off by a casino in the Dominican Republic is the perfect example.

So here we are faced with a couple of Canadians who just recently paid the price for a dishonest promotion from a casino in the Dominican Republic. A gaming establishment which is then quite close to the Riu Bambu hotel and which will manage to attract it through an offer that can now easily be described as falsely tempting. An opportunity that will relieve them of 6500 Canadian dollars because of a sordid promotion that you should take into account so as not to fall into the trap in your turn.

And if we refer to the testimonials that can be found all over the internet about the Diamante casino, the least we can say is that the establishment in question really uses all the necessary means to make its visitors play. . But worst of all, he does not hesitate, following this story and this blatant observation, to implement rather dishonest means.

Rainbow Casino Bristol

And it is the site which will then unveil the affair of Steve Bungay and Jay Lush, this Canadian couple on vacation in the Dominican Republic, who paid the price for this villainous establishment and who wished to testify to the CBS radio to let the rest of the world know about their actions.

But the scam then lies in the fact that the moves played, which give the impression of being free, are in reality paid while each move played costs more and more than the previous one. A judicious trap which quickly drives up the bill and sessions during which nothing is clearly announced by the 3win2u casino.

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